Bike Festival in Bakersfield

Be prepared to see firsthand, how bicycling can be more than just a one dimensional activity. Within the span of two days, Bike Bakersfield’s 6th annual Criterium will present activities like the Bicycle Swap Meet, farmers market, arts and crafts, Bike Polo Tournament, Kids Bike Race, live music, and plenty more to keep you and your family entertained.

Bike Bakersfield take prides in its work on being pioneers of the bicycling movement in their community, so come out and share this special two-day event with Bike Bakersfield and partners on Saturday, May 14th from 10am-6pm and Sunday, May 15th from 7am-4pm. Of course you should bring your bike! Contributing to better air quality will earn you (and all those who decide to ride to the event) a free cup of Italian ice.  And not to worry, bike valets will be on hand to make sure your bike is having a good time as well!

Be sure to visit Bike Bakersfield’s Facebook and Twitter accounts!

3 Responses to Bike Festival in Bakersfield

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  2. Joshua Meyer says:

    Hello My name is Joshua Meyer I am a Geology student at CSUB and I am also the president of the Road Riders of CSUB. We are a new club focused on increasing the number of individauls who use cycling as a mode transport and sport. Our club has grown very quickly and we would now like to reach out and help you in your efforts. Please feel free to contact me @ 760-793-6821 or you can respond to our face book page as well. Thank you

  3. jessicamsrts says:

    Hi Joshua – awesome! It’d be great to connect – I just sent you a email. Thanks so much for reaching out!

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