Los Angeles Area Safe Routes to School champions hit the airwaves

Safe Routes to School Leaders throughout the LA area hit the airwaves last weekend on KPFK’s weekly Bike Talk show. Sharing the mic were local parents and resident champions from around Los Angeles county and also public agency staff from the L.A. County Department of Public Health and the L.A. city council.

As many public school students are heading back to school this week, we want to make sure schools and neighborhoods get off to a smooth start. You’ll hear first-hand stories from local champions about using partnership tools like joint-use facility agreements and good old “local leadership from everyday people,” as Kara Sergile of Glendale likes to put it.

We put markers in the sound cloud link above where different speakers come on.  It’s 1.5 hour podcast, and Jessica thinks only her mother will make it all the way through, but we encourage you to hop around and listen to the multiple insights in this conversation.

And we are helping pull together another show with Bike Talk on 9/22 with youth leaders who are working on the built environment and making it safer and easier to walk and bike.  If you know any youth who live in LA County and are interested in participating, kindly email jessica@saferoutespartnership.org.

In-studio guests:

Call in guests:

LA County Department of Public Health PLACE Program - Policies for Livable, Active Communities and EnvironmentsT.R.U.S.T. South LA - Tenemos que Reclamar y Unidos Salvar la Tierra

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