OCTA Releases Metrolink Accessibility Strategy

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) developed the Metrolink Station Nonmotorized Accessibility Strategy to identify needs and opportunities for improvements that enhance non-motorized transportation (walking and biking) access to and from Orange County’s Metrolink stations. The Accessibility Strategy builds upon other efforts by OCTA and local cities to expand transportation choices. The Accessibility Strategy will serve as a reference for local cities to improve safety, address existing barriers and increase the number of Metrolink riders who walk or bicycle to/from the stations through changes to the physical environment. The project objectives included:

  • Evaluating current non-motorized accessibility at the Metrolink stations using a set of defined metrics and identify areas for improvement.
  • Recommending improvements to facilitate, support and enhance pedestrian and bicyclist access to the Metrolink stations.
  • Providing local agencies with guidance on implementing the recommendations and identify potential funding opportunities.


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