Complete Street Resources

This page is dedicated to providing our California Partners with Links to Complete Streets Resources and policy guidance.  If you feel that your city or agency has published valuable case studies, planning documents, or other resources regarding Complete Streets that you would like to share, please forward a link and they will be added to this page.

Complete Streets Organizations/Projects

SACOG Complete Streets Resources – This page has an extensive list of research material available.

National Complete Streets Coalition

UCLA Complete Streets Initiative

Caltrans Complete Streets Program

CA State Laws and Regulations

DD-64-R1 -Complete Streets – Integrating the Transportation System (Implementation Plan)

AB 1358 – The Complete Streets Act

AB 321 – School Speed Limits

General Research/Policy Guides/LOS Reform

SRTSNP – White paper (draft) on Complete Streets

LACBC – Policy Considerations & Legal Guidance to Support Changing Current Auto‐Centric Transportation Analysis in the City of Los Angeles

National Complete Streets Coaltion – Complete Streets Policy Analysis 2011 and Local Policy Workbook

National Policy and Legal Analysis Network – Model Comprehensive Plan Language on Complete Streets

Ryan Snyder Associates – Model Design Manual for Living Streets

Institute of Transportation Engineers – Context Sensitive Solutions

SFCTA –Strategic Analysis Report on Level of Service

SFCTA – Automobile Trips Generated Study (2008)

California Specific Research/Policy Guides

National Complete Streets Coalition – Complete Streets in CA, funded by the CA Endowment

Sustainable Growth Council – Health in All Policies Task Force Implementation Plan

Public Health Law and Policy – California Complete Streets Policies: Model Law, Resolution and General Plan Language

Specific City/Regional/State Policies and Ordinances

Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission – Complete Streets Toolkit, Model Policies, and Regional Policy

Grant Opportunities

California Strategic Growth Council – Sustainable Communities Planning Grant and Urban Greening Grants

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