President of the United States Conference of Mayors Supports Federal Safe Routes to School Funding

Summer Night Lights, Lemon Grove Park 2010 photo credit: Antonio Villaraigosa on flickr

The Safe Routes to School California Network extends sincere congratulations to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who was just this week sworn in as the 69th President of the United State Conference of Mayors!

It’s especially exciting for Safe Routes to School efforts as the Mayor recently sent Senator Boxer a letter outlining his support for federal transportation funds for walking and bicycling projects in it he writes:

“The Future of Transportation in Los Angeles and California is multi-modal,” says the Mayor.

It’s hopeful to know that the leader of this group, a group focusing on addressing issues facing U.S. Cities and the residents who live there, recognizes the importance of our next Federal Transportation bill being truly multi-modal, and continues funding for the Safe Routes to School and Transportation Enhancement Programs.

Later in the letter to Senator Boxer he writes, “Your past support has been crucial in supporting the City of Los Angeles innovative transportation initiatives such as Measure R and America Fast Forward.  I look forward to working with you to ensure robust federal funding for these crucial bicycle and pedestrian programs.”  And the City of Los Angeles and its leadership is not only demonstrating recognition of the value in federal safe routes to school funding and strategies, but this past April allocated local sales tax dollars to create a citywide Safe Routes to School plan to augment federal investments, and enable the City to create a city plan, rather a project by project plan.

All of these efforts show great potential to bring together federal, state, regional and local funding and priorities to create a safer, people oriented – regardless of age and/or ability – transportation network in the communities of Los Angeles.

To see the complete letter click here.

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